Friday, May 13, 2011

Zen in The Garden...

Usually, when I post a session to my blog it is ALL ABOUT THE CLIENT...and I talk a tiny bit about my role in the occasion.  This time however, the client may never actually see my blog post so I will share my experience second shooting this beautiful wedding with you.  Are you ready?  This is gonna be a BIG one so put your feet up and relax!

I was lucky enough to meet Christine Walker, owner and photographer for CW Photography ( several weeks ago at a photography conference we both attended with a mutual friend.  We hit it off right away and I happened to mention (and if you know me, you are well aware that there is not much subtly in my "mention") that I was looking to start second shooting weddings in order to prepare myself for booking my own weddings in 2012.  So one of two scenarios occurred that day; either Christine genuinely liked me and my work and decided to give me a whirl OR she was desperate to get me off her case about the whole topic and threw me a bone to shut me up.  I prefer the first hypothetical situation so let's go with that one, shall we? 

Anyway, Christine had a few weddings on the books this summer and needed a second shooter and invited me to come along for the ride.  I was and continue to be so flattered because I love Christine and her work!  She is really great and shoots weddings beautifully.  Our first wedding together was 2 weeks ago at the gorgeous EBM Japanese Gardens at Long Beach State (here is the EBM Gardens website if you want to take a look).  We met a few days prior at the garden to go over our game plan since the gardens are so interesting to navigate and there are only select points which one can stand and shoot from.  The couple would be on the bridge and Christine and I would be getting in to mud, sand and water in order to shoot this thing. 
(It's good thing I am a rugged girl :)

Anyway, it was a GREAT and very sunny day and Christine and I had a lot of fun shooting this wedding together.  Katrina (the bride) was beautiful and very calm, Jason (the groom) was handsome and chill and the kids were fun and ADORABLE!  As a whole, this wedding had a fun, relaxed vibe about it but for us it was very fast paced and I am SO glad to have shot it with a pro like Christine!  

I am very much looking forward to shooting our next wedding together in a few weeks. Please give her website and blog a visit sometime and say hello for me!

Enjoy my shots from the day & CONGRATULATIONS to Katrina and Jason (maybe they will see this someday)!!!







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