Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Sweetest Little Lemon...

Meet baby Meyer (named after the lemon) and her darling mom Susan. 

 I photographed them in the park a couple of weekends ago and could not have had a more lovely and calm experience (and the light was to die for through the trees that afternoon).  

As you can see, Meyer is a doll face and is a very sweet and charming baby.  

She protested loudly when put down so we did most of the shoot in mama's arms, which is fine with me because being in mom's arms makes this lemon even sweeter....


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Two & A Half Men...

LOVED meeting these two guys and their little man Noah Boston and had such fun photographing them in the park last weekend.  Baby Boston was a wonderful baby and I loved his sweet face and chill!

Travis and Aaron, I loved meeting and photographing you and hope to see your handsome, happy faces again in the near future.  Keep up the fantastic parenting... you guys make a great team!

Here's a peek at a few of my favorite images from our time together.

Short but sweet (just like Noah Boston)...


Friday, June 17, 2011


I was so lucky to spend a blissful Saturday a couple of weekends ago shooting Frankie and Matt's amazing wedding at the GORGEOUS Bacara resort in Santa Barbara with Rich and Christine of Yodsukar Photography.  

While expecting a beautiful, outdoor ceremony overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the rain decided to make a very un-welcomed (and very rare) appearance and force us indoors for the day.  Now, think of some of those people you know and how they might react to such news on their highly anticipated wedding day...I did.  I know more than a handful of people who would have cursed the weather and spent the day wondering what could have been rather than what was. 


The rain did not dampen the spirits of this wonderful couple one bit.  They were just happy to be getting married and happy to have one another for eternity. I loved their perspective about the importance and significance of the day, and crying about a rainy wedding day was not on the agenda.  What was on the agenda were many tears of joy, lovely, heartfelt embraces, one hundred very close knit family and friends, an amazing and fun reception and beauty all around.  

The rain only added to the beauty...

Frankie and Matt, you guys simply wowed me with your grace and love for one another.  I wish you a lifetime of all of the things present on your wedding day...but perhaps a little less rain :)

Huge thanks and compliments to the following incredible vendors:

Photography & Cinematography- 
Yodsukar Photography  - Rich & Christine
Flowers: Santa Barbara Style
Hair & Make-up - Make-up by Samantha