Monday, May 9, 2011

I HEART Mother's!!!

This weeks I HEART faces photo challenge this week is Motherhood.  

Well...THAT should be easy, right?  Well, yes but deciding which photo to enter...not so much.

  So I will enter only one of these amazing mom's into the contest but post many of my favorites on honor of Mother's Day.  Did I choose your favorite?

Mommy's ROCK!!!

Motherhood means...WE GET THE BEST HUGS!!!!

We get the sweetest smooches!

We get to read Dr. Seuss with abandon (and silly voices) and without embarrassment

Mothers NEVER grow older only more lovely..

We are the first to kiss the owies...

And our little girls think we are amazing and beautiful!

We get TACKLED and TUMBLED!!! (and we love it)

We can see into their sweet souls...

We pray for bright futures, fulfilled dreams and uncomplicated lives...

Mom's and little Boys have such amazing bonds...need I say more???

We share the same heart...

We keep our loved ones warm, fed and loved.

Mom's always think they have the BEST looking kids...EVER!!! 
(and they are not just saying that)

Mom's are TRUE LOVE!!!


  1. Love love love the focus on this picture! The colors are totally awesome, pure crisp! Love it!

  2. We made the blog!!!

  3. Happy Mother's Day to you too! Thanks again for the beautiful memories!