Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Furry Little Babies...

I know many of you have them.  I also know how much you LOVE them and regard them as an integral part of your family (some of you probably love them even more than the people members of your family).  Hey, I am not judging!!!. 

 I too had furry family members at different times in my life and these sweet souls who rest with god now,  made a deep impact in my life and heart.  But for now (to my kids chagrin) we do not have anything furry in the house (well, unless you count some of the stuff in the fridge :)

This post is highlighting a mini session I did with lovely Arlene and her sweetie pie Peaches.  We only had a short amount of time together but I am in love with these images and had such a nice time with these two.  

You have to check out Peaches eyelashes...they are more like feathers and make her look like she could fly!!!

Enjoy the wet nosed love.

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