Friday, April 29, 2011

See Kai Run...

And jump. And dance. And sing songs. And play the piano...

And that was only in the first 15 minutes of our session!  

Seriously, this little kid is FUN, and ADORABLE and TALENTED and his mom is darling and sweet and sooo photogenic too!  I could not fail on this one even if I tried....

We had so much fun shooting together last Saturday and it was great to see Sarah again after all these years and meet little Kai.  (Did I mention that Sarah is a friend of mine from back in our elementary and high school days in Temple City?) We were in cheer together and on the dance team but Sarah was (and I am guessing still is) a seriously talented dancer.  She also happens to have a heart of gold that shines through in a big way everywhere she goes.

Sarah and Kai, you have such a sweet and everlasting bond and I could not be happier to have been in your beautiful light if only for a few moments... THANK YOU!!!


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