Sunday, April 17, 2011

L.A. Woman

It started out as a plan for a simple day.  I would take the train to Union Station in Downtown LA and spend a few hours photographing Union Station, Olvera Street, as well as the streets and the wonderful architecture downtown.  

My mission for the day was to re-charge my creative batteries, practice my technique and spend some time with fellow photog's exchanging ideas and encouragement (this can be a lonely industry you don't reach out to others).  

I had no idea how much a single day could mean to me.

Who knew this small trip 30 miles from home would re-kindle amazing memories from my childhood and make me want to return to this part of LA with my kids (and clients) right away to start some wonderful memories for them.  

If you don't already know, downtown LA is such a rich, diverse and elegant place (yes, I said elegant).  It is filled with history, color, culture, personality and edge along with just enough light and warmth to let me in and make me feel welcome.  I truly do love LA and am proud to be a fourth generation native to it.  I felt so at home there and am grateful that I went back.

I LOVED every moment of this shoot and as time has a way of flew by too soon.  I was back on the 2pm train with my camera in hand and much needed inspiration in my heart (and a few new friends on the b school).

Enjoy the images and see why I am so inspired...and please, visit downtown LA soon and see what you have been missing. (and be sure to take the train!!!)


  1. Love the pictures. This makes me want to go to Olvera Street with the kids. I think it's such a neat place.