Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Dog-gone Great Day!

Meet Maddy and her little sister Izzy (little meaning HUGE)!  

These are my dear friend Shannon and her husband Ryan's babies and they have been waiting a very long time for their photo op.  We had to re-schedule a time or two due to her crazy schedule and of course the day we finally got to together to do the shoot, it rained and we were mostly stuck indoors... 

 The good news is these spunky girls LOVE the camera and had no problem following their mommy all over the shop and on to the front porch where I captured their sweet and genuine love for one another.  

Shannon is an amazing person, a happy wife, and a sharp businesswoman (she owns the Little Red Barn in Calabasas, Baby Cakes in La Canada and is a very talented interior designer and HGTV winner!).  She is also a very loyal and very fun friend who in the 15+ years I have known her, never ceases to make me smile & laugh.  

Most importantly though, she is the loving and dedicated mom to these two furry and sometimes stinky English bulldogs.  

Shannon, much love and gratitude to you and to your sweet doggies. 
I hope these photos were worth the wait. 


Check out the Darling shop (The Little Red Barn in Calabasas) where we shot these photos!  Please go by and visit Shannon and the furry girls sometime.  You can get the address and lots more photos and  info at:  

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