Monday, May 21, 2012

Perfectly Imperfect...

People often ask me as a professional photographer and mother of 2 little ones if I take a lot of pictures of my kids.   

The answer is simple.  

Yes and No.  

You see, I used to take a LOT of pictures of my kids and I found myself feeling as if I were missing out on the actual moment they were in rather and to be quite honest, it was not a whole lot of fun for any of us.  The kids felt the need to pose and I felt the need to be a professional photographer who needed "perfect" pictures of my kids.  Not a winning combo if you want great, natural pictures!  

So how does a photo addict change her ways?

Well, first she cuts herself off the habit (non-professionally speaking, of course) for a bit. 

And now....

I will grab my camera to photograph them but mostly in spontaneous moments when nothing is set up or perfect and just have some fun with them.  I experiment with light and get them giggling or ask them questions that evoke emotion thoughtfulness with my camera down by my side.  They know it's there but quickly forget about it and go on with the moment.  Then, when they are truly in whatever moment we are having I will quickly lift the camera to my eye and try and grab a piece of time.  

The results vary. Sometimes I get great stuff and sometimes it is just closed eyes and grimaces but it is what it is and usually these pictures are lovely and satisfying to my mom/photographer sweet tooth.  

Like reallllyyy good dark chocolate :)

Some examples below were this past weekend during a swimming lesson and some while we were watching the lunar eclipse.  The kids were relaxed, expectations were null (my sons shorts are on backwards, his shoes are on the wrong foot, and he recently cut his own hair...which is perfect because he is 3 and that's how they roll) and I love the images I got.  Keepers for sure! 

 Quite simply, before I changed my ways I was not allowing my children what I allow my clients and their children which is a relaxed and fun environment where we can let natural and photographable moments unfold organically without force or too much posing.  

I am so happy with the beautiful, natural images I get of my kids now and as I tell my clients, I want to see their soul and sweetness in their eyes and faces in every image possible!  

I definitely see their sweet little souls in these.  Thanks for allowing me to share my little sweeties!


  1. This so resonated with me Michelle... Thank you!
    Jamie Backlin

  2. Wisdom and perseverance have immeasurable rewards, wonderful words and work Mich...
    uncle mark