Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Let's hear it for the BOYS!

Do I have the best job ever, or WHAT?  

I get to work with hundreds of handsome, witty, funny and 

oh-so-charming men who I am fortunate enough to photograph and get to know while shooting weddings for a living.

This is a post dedicated to all of these guys who make my job extra special by adding the right amount of class, testosterone and disgusting humor (even if I usually do think it's funny :) that always fills the day with belly laughs, inside jokes, unpredictable surprises and an overall great time!

Whether they are the groom, best man, groomsman or father of the bride/groom, every single one of these guys has a soul with a story to tell and I am honored to have had each and every one of them in front of my camera.

Some of these guys were natural and loved having their photo taken and some REALLY made me work for the shot (yea, you know who you are ; )  

But every single one was fantastic, fun to be with and someone I am now able to call friend.

Let's hear it for these guys!!

Helpful tip: Click on each picture below to get an even bigger/better view.

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