Monday, January 9, 2012

Photo Challenge

One of my goals for 2012 is to work more for myself in addition to working and creating for clients.  

One of the most fun parts of photography is sharing my work with other like minded folks and being inspired by those who share theirs.  

This week, I am entering a photo in this "I Heart Faces" weekly photo challenge.  This week's theme is "Best Faces".

In my opinion, the best faces are not those that are perfect, smooth, balanced or flawless.  I love those that are aged, weathered and full of life and wisdom.  My post for this weeks contest reflects what I love the most in a face.  The photo was taken with permission on a street shoot in Los Angeles in the Olvera Street district.  This gentleman was a street musician singing and playing the harmonica with a Native American Band.  



  1. What an awesome shot and excellent processing. Love the raw emotion.

  2. I love exactly what you wrote. I agree 100%. It is perfect. : )