Tuesday, October 18, 2011

In God's house...

I LOVE full, traditional religious wedding ceremonies.  Seriously.  I do!  So I was overjoyed when I found out the that Karen and John would be having a full Catholic ceremony in Malibu.  (BTW: I count such weddings as a day spent in church :).

I spent a lovely, scorching hot Saturday afternoon with John and his buddies at Our Lady Of Malibu Church while Karen and her bridesmaids were primping with Rich and Christine from Yodsukar photography (they are rock stars btw).  This groom and his guys were quite cool, but the day was seriously HOT so being the merciful photographer that I am, we decided to stay inside or in the shade (which was very slim that time of day) and do the groomsmen portraits.  We were quickly melting and I did not want anyone to get cranky so we decided after awhile to do more shots at the reception site.  
Back into the air conditioned room we went...

Then Karen arrived.  

She was stunning and wore the most amazing wedding dress that looked as if it were designed for her body alone.  She was breathtaking and I was thrilled to see John's reaction to her as she walked down the aisle with her father.

The ceremony was traditional and filled my soul with peace. It was truly beautiful. And loving.  And heartfelt.  
The god fearing woman and the photographer in me loved every moment.

The reception was held at the gorgeous Westlake Village Inn and we had a ball photographing this beautiful couple and their equally beautiful friends for hours.  

So. Much. Fun.  

The dance floor was rocking and John and Karen had the time of their lives.  Documenting their day was a privilege and a really great time for us as well.

Best to you both Karen and John!  I see many, many happy years in your future.  

God Bless you both and a HUGE thanks to Yodsukar Photography for inviting me to shoot with them!

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