Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Brothers, Babies and Grass Stains...

Check out the cutest duo to hit little Parker and London T! They were so cute and Parker and I hit it off bit time (we are BFF now...if he remembers me, which is unlikely for a 3 year old unless I am dressed up as Superman or Elmo).  London was a super chill baby who has cheeks and thighs that will make Pillsbury envious.  And those EYES!!! I wish I had been able to squeeze and love on her a bit... she is a DOLL!

Getting the shots with Parker and London proved interesting since Parker refused to actually hold the baby.  His mom would place her in his arms (sitting...of course) and the minute she was in his lap, his arms would open up like a starting gate at horse race and down London went.  Face first, in the clover grass. Straight down.  London is a tough little girl though and did not make a peep.  Not once!  Really!  Just laid there on her face until mamma ran to pick her up and then we tried again.  I believe some bribes were set in place (as they almost always are in photo shoots with kids) and finally, Parker held on.  God bless him because I LOVE these pictures!  Enjoy!

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